*Fecal transplants cure colitis* ?
Fecal Transplants and crohn's disease
A fecal transplant is the method in which they use antibiotics to kill existing bacteria in your stomach then the repopulate your stomachs bacteria through an enema with fecal solution of a healthy family member. Dr Borody from Australia is the pioneer of this treatment. His sucess rate for colitis patients in particular are nothing less than amazing.
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I have been speaking with a few people who are in the process of trying this out and I hope to have their results within the next 6 months or so. If you are reading this or no anyone who has overcame their disease using similar treatments please email me so we can discuss this further
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Dr Borody Interview very informative and worth a look if you really want to get ALL the info on this subject coming right from the Dude himself.
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Infection underlies Inflammation....THINK ABOUT IT
Crohn's disease cure
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