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I loved this book as I've always been a business geek and right from the beginning I give this a 10/10!!! For anyone who is looking to read an awesome motivational book search no further. This book goes over a few simple secrets: think and dream creatively, believe you can succeed and you will, cure yourself of the fear of failure, think like a leader, turn defeat into victory, use goals to help you grow, and make your attitudes your allies. This book can really help improve so many areas of your life whether itís your marriage, personal life, relationships, business ventures etc. Dr Joe Schwartz also does a great job making you realize you do not have to be some crazy educated university-college graduate to become successful. It's funny because I went to business school for marketing-accounting and started an MBA before I said what am I really spending all this money for? I wasted so much cash on going to school and really I never learned squat about starting or running a business. I just thought at the time that it was part of the process....but most post-secondary institutions are businesses and will promise you the world in good times and bad times. You can see this directly with all the people with PHD's that can't find a job since the recession in 2008.......what happened to all those jobs lol I think for anyone interested in going to take business ask yourself will spending 30k-50k in education get me their quicker? For many the answer is no........imagine if you took that same cash and put it into a venture and busted your hump for 5 years where you might be??? But if you just finished school you would be at step 1..? The majority of the wealthiest people in the world who started businesses never went to post-secondary education for business...........they are thinkers...people who think outside the box and go after their ideas. I think this is a great book for anyone as I wish I really was taught to think big when I was a kid.... instead of be realistic......I'm you remember this :)
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Solid 10/10