The secret the book and the DVD
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The Secret book & quantum physics law of attraction

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I watched the dvd and also read the book and enjoyed them both. I think the purpose is the law of attraction which I definitely believe in. Some of the stuff they discussed in the video I differ in opinion as I do not believe this works to simply acquire materialistic goods. I think some of the materialistic angles were marketing techniques to sell more books and dvds etc but the fundamentals of the secret are awesome. The secret is not such a secret as the law of attraction principle has been around for 1000s of years...they just did a great job reintroducing it to the world. I never use to believe in this kind of stuff as I found it rather lame and truthfully bogus. I decided I would give this concept a shot and it has worked in my opinion. I have asked the universe to bring me opportunities in life to allow me to make helping people with their health my career and in the last few months some great possibilities have come forward. I'm a dude who loves helping people with health but I will admit that I had issues with creating business etc because I not find products or services that were in line with my core beliefs etc. But I have been working on some things that I believe are in line with my beliefs as I'm not about taking advantage of peoples vulnerability. This is by no means a magic genie approach where you wish something and presto its yours. I look at this as asking the universe to provide you with opportunities that may allow you to get a desired result. It is upon you to act on these opportunities and follow them through to get the result you are looking for. I have used concentrated thought (meditation) I'm no pro but just thinking about what I want and how I want to also make a difference in the world etc I think this is a concept that should be mutually beneficial to you and the world. I'm a rational dude so I'm not sure exactly how this works but it's most likely related to quantum physics. The only way you will know is if you give it a shot :)
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8.5/10 very good book & video