Becoming Enlightened by the Dalai Lama and translated by Jeffrey Hopkins Jays review
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Well I read this book an must admitted that it really opened my eyes up to so many things. I grew up in a divorced catholic christian family from eastern european descent lol I did go to church and have been to many churches united, anglican, greek orthodox, catholic, baptist, and no denominations etc In addition to this I was a white kid who grew up in a poor area where I was the minority which consisted of: spannish, filipinos, portuguese, aboriginal peoples, african americans, african muslims, and east indians so I was introduced to so many different cultures and beliefs along the way. This is the world that I grew up in and we did not see racism because our area really was a melting pot where we did things together besides any differences we might have had. I'm not a dude that believes in one way is right etc whether it be a belief system, sexual preference, or religon you name it.... this is not my duty to judge anyone. This book did a great job at talking about human beliefs and what we need to live a meaniful life. Becoming enlightened simply talks about some fundamental principles that we can live by to get the most of life in order to be happy. When you break down many religons the core fundamentals are usually similar so why should we judge someone because they follow a different religon or belief system. Whether you are christian, muslim, bhudist etc it is not your duty to judge! I believe we have a creator regardless of that beings name a good person is a good person. This is simply my opinion :) For anyone who is looking to improve their life, get more value out of life, look at things differently, learn to control your mind: your negative thoughts etc, then this book is definitely worth a read.
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This was 8/10 Hope you enjoy :)
Great little clip of the Dalia Lama himself talking