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This is the best Anthony Robbins book I've read so far, but I have only read 3 to date. For anyone that has ever wanted a better life with more meaning and purpose this book will help you get this. I myself grew up in a very poor area in my city and was always looking to become successful which I equated to having money. I was always drawn towards business and was always interested in ways to make money etc But when I got sick with severe Crohn's Colitis all these materialistic things literally had no value to me. When I was sick with this degenerative disease and felt that my life was over I read this book. It came at perfect timing because it introduced me to what modeling was and in simple terms was seek people who have the results you are looking for.......and this was worth its weight in gold. This is how I came upon what I now call health modeling and this concept saved my life. I looked for other people who used alternative crohn's disease treatments to maintain long lasting remission (since there is "no cure" according to the powers at be) and I contacted these people. Eventually through trial and error I used this health modeling to get my health back and to pay it forward to others. I've had the opportunity to meet Tony at a conference briefly and I can say this dude is the real deal. He says he is not a motivator but ask his audience and they will have a different opinion. I've also done his unleash the power within audio tape series while I was working on my house and WOW!!! this was awesome. This dude is an amazing motivational speaker, problem solver whatever you want to call him...but case in point the dude ROCKS!!
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10/10 Awesome book I hope you enjoy this anthony robbins reviews.