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Have you ever realized that you are the happiest when you are traveling, by the ocean, enjoying life wondering?? I grew up thinking about being successful equated to lots of cash and materialistic goods. But when I break down what I want the money for it all comes down to freedom and being able to make the choice what to do on any given day. I've researched a lot about happiness and how to live more simple and this book reasonated with my love for travelling. If you love travelling but think its too expensive to do so etc this book will introduce you to a new way of travelling. Rolf is a shoestring traveller who shows other people how they can take time off from their normal lives to travel and enjoy their passions. He makes you realize that you do not have to wait until you retire to live yours dreams of being a world globtrotter. He goes over many things such as: financing your travels, adjusting to life on the road, handling travel adversity, determinining your destination, and getting back to ur normal life. Vagabinding really is a way of life and if you embrace it you will see you can travel and be happier than you can imagine. This was a great book and I hope you enjoy it.
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8.5/10 Good read!

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