Stumbling upon Happiness by Daniel Gilbert (Jay's review)
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Dan Gilbert Happiness & Stumbling on Happiness e-book

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I actually just finished this book Feb 2012 and I absolutely loved it. This was an awesome happiness book that really dug into how our brains work. Really how do we know what makes us happy? Do we experience a different rate of happiness doing a similar task than someone else may experience? Dr Daniel Gilbert did an awesome job using an example of asking people if they thought conjoined twins were happy. People responded by saying no and feeling sorry for them etc. But when you ask the conjoined twins the mass majority of them say they are completely happy and would not want to be separated. This was a vivid example of how what I associate happiness is quite different than someone else. This Harvard psychologist really impressed me with his witty approach that left me laughing time and time again. Many books that I have read regarding human psychology have been very bland and boring...we all remember university and college lol. Dan Gilbert is also a Pulitzer Prize winner and I believe this is well deserved after reading this book. He also has done quite a few TED talks which were quite inspiring and interesting (you can check these out on YouTube). I really encourage anyone who is interested learning about what actually makes us happy to give this book a read as it was one of the more scientific happiness books I have read so far. He backs his statements up with evidence and also puts a lot a witty humor along the way. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
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9/10 Awesome read (Uses a lot of facts and science so may not be for everyone but adds a lot if witty humor so the call is yours lol
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