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This is by far one of the best books that I have ever read! Ever since I have been able to achieve med free status using an alternative crohn s disease treatment my eyes have opened. I see that life is so much more than materialistic garbage that western society makes us feel is what life is about. I believe now success should not be dictated by how much money you make but based on your social contribution (whether your: family, children, community, causes, spirituality etc) This book was one of the first books to see that life is so much more than working and having stuff. Miguel Ruiz's 4 agreements which is part of the Toltec wisdom collection was such a simple read (3 hours) and was really easy to understand. Miguel shares his simple agreements which really do make a difference in your life if you actually apply them. I use to think a lot of this reading material was lame but when I think about my life and how stressed I felt along with anxiety this was also lame. I have adopted these agreements and they have been making a huge difference in my life. I'm sure many people reading this know what it feels like: to be stressed out, always feeling rushed, getting crazy mad in traffic, not being able to do things "you' want to do, worried about debt, and so many others. I know I felt all this stuff but I'm slowly improving as I learn so that I'm being able to enjoy life more than ever. We really have been tricked into thinking life is about being a constant consumer buying things to make us happy...but this is a recipe for disaster. Chasing these goods always buying is like chasing the wind. When you realize life can be so much more awesome if we simplify it to enjoy the things that actually matter. Family, friends, relationships, traveling, self-expression, enjoying our interests, trying new things, social contribution, and paying it forward as much as possible.
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Amazing book 9/10
(e-book version)
All 3 books Best deal!