A Cancer Therapy results of fifty cases by Max Gerson MD Jays review of the Gerson Book
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Gerson Method & Gerson Book

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This was simply an amazing eye opening book!!! This book is around 50+ years old and it shares Dr Max Gerson method on how he has helped many people overcome their cancer. The book goes into brief detail about what the therapy is, how it works, why it works, and then finally shows you 50 cases of severe cancer and people who overcame their disease. It was when I read this book that I heard the word totality and my life has never been the same since. Max Gerson concept of totality was rather simple: in order to heal or cure yourself from a disease you had to address and fix the underlying issues or causes. His protocol uses detoxification through coffee enema gerson style, and lots of juicing to supply the body with direct vitamins and nutrients. A large part of healing is implicated with the regeneration of the liver so that it can do its job. This dude understood that in order for healing to actually happen you had to address the body and its totality not just the isolated area that was affected. This concept in iteself is the very cancer of our medical system as we have way too many specialists that know lots about their area but ultimately have no idea how their area of expertise affects another and the connections, relationships etc. Until they learn this they will never have any "real" cures and I look forward to the day the system collapses and brings out lasting change. Imagine a system that boasts results, people overcoming cancer, diabetes, arthritis, IBD's, heart disease, educating us on true healthy living not just peddling drugs like a common drug dealer pushing narcotics except the dudes in the white coats don't go to jail.
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This was a solid book 9/10 a little on the technical-factual side but amazing info!!!