Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson with Beata Bishop Jays review on Gerson Book
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I read this book after I read Max Gerson's initial book A Cancer Therapy results of fifty cases which is a must read. I must say this was a great book that really goes into detail about what the Gerson therapy is, how it works, recipes, etc. Charlotte & Beata do a great job articulating the information so it's easier to comprehend. So if anyone is interested in trying this protocol for their healing journey or whatever ya choose to call it I strongly recommend that you give this book a read. For anyone who is not familiar with the Gerson Therapy is was a total healing therapy that uses a concept of what Max Gerson called "totality" where you can't just heal 1 part of the body from a severe disease...BUT you must heal the entire body and it's systems etc. This therapy focuses a lot on detoxifying the liver to initiliaze healing and using juices to give the body the max mutrients with the least amount of energy required to digest food etc. They use the gerson coffee enema which helps detoxify the liver. I have used this enema on myself and it is simply amazing. Max Gerson is an awesome dude who went against the grain to show the world there was a cure for cancer.... ITS CALLED Lifestyle change and he proved it with 50 cases. You can also watch 2 documentaries that will show you more about the Gerson Diet Therapy etc. They are called Dying to have known and A Beautful Truth. I will work on pages so you can watch these on this site in the near future. Enjoy!
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9/10 an amazing book that has taught me so much about healing understanding the concept of "totality"...