Age Less Live More book by Bernando Lapallo Jays review
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Age Less Live More 110 yr old Bernando Lapallo

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I found out about this book after seeing Paul Nison interviewing him in his home. For those of you who don't know who Paul Nison... He is a dude that overcame his crohn s disease using a raw diet and has been paying it forward ever since. He know has a large following which are not IBDers but people interested in raw food etc. He is very inline with the teachings of the bible and speaks about this on his podcasts and videos. I've had the opportunity to speak with him on numerous occasions very good dude. Ok enough rambling back to this amazing 110 year old dude Bernando Lapallo!!! This dude practices his preach and he can back it up over a century old: still mobile, functioning and happy!! We see so many people feeding us health advice everywhere we look but do they have the credentials or more importantly the evidence to back their claims up......I'm sure you've thought this a few times. This book was such a simple book to read (2-3 hrs) and yet it taught me how simple true lasting health really is. He is also a dude who lives a raw life and is an explementary christian. His father was a Brazillian born doctor who taught him the ways of natural living (his fathers also lived to 100+) There is not a single person on earth who can back their claims up like this dude. He is the healthies centurian on the planet HANDS DOWN!! He says "you are what you eat"
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9/10 Awesome book and a very short easy read :)

SEE for yourself interview @ 110 years old in 2011