The Enzyme Factor book by Dr Hiromi Shinya Jays review
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I read this book a long with most books that I have read in my life after I was diagnosed with severe crohns colitis and I was impressed. For anyone who has an IBD you have to take this guy seriously as he is the one who invented the colonoscopy and has done more of the procedures than anyone on the planet. He discusses how anyone who has a disease or condition almost always has an unhealthy GI tract. This was the first dude that actually made me realize that the majority of diseases do indeed start in the gut. We do not have to wait for some official commission to come out and tell us this. In simple terms we are what we eat and he does a great job explaining this. Dr Hiromi Shinya talks about how some of the unhealthiest people are the ones who consume a high intake of animal products (meat & dairy). This book really opened my eyes up to how crucial enzymes are in our body and how they are fundamental to our health. He even discusses something neat which he calls a "miracle enzyme". Hiromi also touches topics such as: surgery and drugs do not cure caner, medication often makes you sicker, obese people are actually starving, antacids make your stomach worse, your body is designed to heal itself, ignorance is making us sick, medical specialization is leading to poor health, heredity does not dictate cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, or type 2 diabetes. This was sincerely an awesome book that opened my eyes from a doctor that speaks a different talk and who has the credibility to really stand out and do so. Diet doesn't matter. Really guys we donít believe you anymore, get your marbles straight!!!!
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Solid 9/10 coming from this dude!!! Hope you enjoy it and it opens your eyes as well.