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I read this book a few years back after I used The Specific Carbohydrate Diet to get my severe crohn s colitis into remission. I think this book is one of the all around best books talking about healing IBD's. Jini has a great grasp on how much of the healing happens along the way with IBD's. This book introduced me to things such as: Georges Aloe Vera, Natren Probiotics (which I used in the for almost a year but switched due to their excessive cost) her very good oil of oregano protocol-her easy way of taking the stuff. Her approach is in esecense a very holistic one and her story is very inspiring as she was able to reclaim her health from Crohn's Disease. Jini also has a book called the IBD Remission Diet where she shows a diet she believes to help people reach remission. In the book she talks about an elemental diet you can do using Absorb Plus Shakes and other supplements like MucosaHeal, Oil of Oregano, and Georges Aloe Vera juice. Jini owns the Absorb Plus Shake brand and Mucosaheal brand and distributes it through online sales. I thought Listen to your gut was a very informative book that taught me a lot. But I will be very forward that I do not personally stand behind Absorb plus as I think a person can use cheaper alternatives like a rice protein shake by Prairie Naturals which is very low in carbohydrates, uses Stevia but high in protein. Or a juicing elemental diet with organic fruits veggies, Georges aloe vera juice, L glutamine, and an anti-viral to kill the bad bacteria. I'm working on a free protocol as we speak (look in the free tool section IBD vault. I have no issue with Jini but I do not want people to buy products they may not be able to afford which is why I will show people some cheaper alternatives. This is based on my opinion and many people I have spoken with along the way. Her books are great but to date I have not spoken with a med free person using her protocols besides herself and her assistant.
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