This is not a statistic that I'm fairly proud of, but unfortunately it is what it is....But on the bright side so many people are becoming fed up with the medical systems lack of treatments for Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn s Disease that they are seeking out their own options. Many of these people are eventually finding protocols that allow them to become med free or achieve sustained remission. Many of us have felt anger and resentment towards a system that has been saying they were in search of a cure.....its only been 60-70 years...and NOTHING. I guess the researchers who are looking for cancer cure, diabetes cure, IBD cure etc are all off gallivanting or something. Sorry I just went of in a venting rant lol This is personal for me because I really do care about all the people out there suffering with IBD's. Otherwise I would not have put myself out there offering free info to help people become med-free. I hope some of the people who watch this video or see this post say have I ever considered an alternative treatment? Have I ever tried a low carb diet like GAPS diet or SCD Diet? Have I tried adding good bacteria in the form of probiotics to my routine? etc and if you haven't maybe given the alternative route a chance as you may embark on a crazy healing adventure :)
SAD TRUTH why Many people will never overcome their Inflammatory Bowel diseases
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Treating Ulcerative Colitis & Crohns Disease with Natural Treatments

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I'm not trying to make be a pessimist with this statment but more of a realist. But I hope in my heart many people will commit to lifestyle changes that will help them get their lives back. Most people usually go the regular medical route end up taking crohns meds and surgeries as their treatment options. We usually visit our doctors first and live by doctors know best attitude. There searching hard for that "cure" look at all the progress!
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