Jay's IBD Improvement Document to help with Crohn s & Ulcerative Colitis
Ulcerative Colitis Remedies

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This ebook-document started out a small project when I first started documenting healing remedies and has grown quite a bit. I created this document and this website because I do not want anyone to feel like there life is over and they are stuck with this "shitty" disease. The truth is there are so many people joining the med free ranks that eventually the choice of medical system's approach or the less invasive natural approach IBD healing will be a NO BRAINER lol I think anyone researching alternative protocols you have to be diligent and arrive at a decision that you feel is best for you. This document is my version of what worked for me and has helped many people along the way. Keep me updated with your results! Incurable? perhaps using their thinking but MED FREE is just as good baby!
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Please WATCH this video to see my new approach and why I decided stop charging for this document.
 If you want this FREE document send me an email using the email address in the picture below and put "IBD DOC request" in subject line. I will send you a response email that will include: IBD Improv Doc-new 2011 version along with my Healing Time line spreadsheet etc-no strings attached :)
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