It's funny when I remember asking my GI doctor about things like the role of diet with Inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn s disease & Ulcerative Colitis and he said diet does not matter.... This comment made me wonder WTF is this dude talking about. How could you have a disease of the gut and it have nothing to do with what you put in your gut? I use to think that doctors were very smart individuals capable of critical thought but in all my experience very few have even shown they were capable of such a thing. I understand they are taught a curriculum which only includes 1 course on nutrition (10-20hrs) and the vast majority of their expertise is diagnosing and prescribing treatment (drugs & surgery). But you think such smart individuals would say does this really make sense? How could our diet and lifestyle not be a key contributor to the massive amount of lifestyle diseases that are plaguing the nations of the developed world (The WEST). Most impoverished nations may suffer from some malnutrition diseases BUT they do not suffer from the lifestyle diseases we see every day in the WEST...cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBD's, Arthritis and many more. I'm no rocket scientist but I did learn to play connect the dots when I was a kid. Honestly the medical system is so entrenched in this system of drugs, surgeries etc it's hard to change. We need to change the "system" itself.
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This doctor does a great job talking about the problems in our current medical aproach. He address key components such as how they focus on treating the symptoms and not the underlying conditions of the disease itself. It's great to see that their are some great medical minds that are able to think outside the dogmatic medical box. Vince does an awesome job hope you enjoy this video.
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