I hope when you become med free that you pay it forward and tell others your story. You can check out all the awesome responses in 2011 using the link below. I gathered all these responses I received in 1 year because I really got tired of the odd person who would send me the no cure blues or that I was spreading false hope etc. When I started my site in 2008 I use to hear this lots but now I get a few emails a year of these pessimistic emails. But when I think about it I can understand the people sending these emails are simply at different emotional points: stressed out, lost hope, angry, and I remember being there as well. This could be from the drugs, loss of hope, or just tired of waiting for a cure etc. I'm trying to rationalize these responses because I know firsthand that we can change out lifestyle to overcome these diseases or improve our conditions. I've had most awesome pleasure of receiving so many encouraging responses from people: of all ends of the world, rich-poor, different ages, religions etc that have touched my heart and made me realize how a little bit of info can change the lives of so many. I have nothing to gain to preach lies or bs BUT I have everything to gain to spread rational thinking about natural protocols that have given so many a second chance at a med free life and for this I will never apologize.
Proof in the Pudding showing Natural Crohn s and Colitis therapies are working! 2011
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Treatment for Crohns & ulcerative Colitis

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I hope anyone who visits my site will check this out as it will show you how far reaching natural therapies shared on this site have helped other people. I look back from the beginning and could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that simply doing a little research and sharing my experience and others could change the lives of so many.

Read these AWESOME responses in 2011 HERE!

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