Food does matter with Inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn s disease & Colitis
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Diet for Crohnes disease & Krons Disease

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This make as much sense as "not checking your gas gauge when your car dies while driving..." Sometime I wish I had a foam baseball bat to hit people over the head that make such claims as they are completely irrational. I won't be hitting anyone but your probably thinking right now it might be sorta fun. Of all the people who I have spoken with who have been med free or long periods of sustained remission they all had similar diets (or similar fundamentals) low carbohydrate consumption: complex carbs like sugar, wheat, little processed foods, minimal if no dairy (besides raw milk and SCD legal yogurt), consume fermented foods or a good daily probiotic. These seem to be some of the diet consistancies that help people with IBD's and many degenerative diseases become med free or drastically reduce symptoms. These principles remain consistant whether your trying raw diet, low residue foods, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD Diet), GAPS diet etc If your looking for medical proof of these things you can check out the book called Life without Bread by Alan Lutz, check out current SCD Diet studies and they will show you this
for anyone who remembers hearing their GI doctor tell them that diet does not matter when you have an IBD like Crohn s disease or Colitis.....This is complete nonsense. When I heard the doctor tell me this after getting diagnosed it was obvious I was not going to overcome crohns colitis using the medical approach. They still believe food doesn't affect your IBD
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