Signs of Crohn s Disease, Getting Diagnosed and finding a natural healing approach that works
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Signs of crohns & Signs of Ulcerative Colitis

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gurgling, joint pain (lower back was bad), and as things got worse bad night sweats, mucus and blood in stool, anal fistula, lower right quadrant stomach pains, low sex drive (impotency), and many others. As this stuff got worse and things got very bad I started to come to terms with the fact that I was sick. It was time that I was going to get officially diagnosed and look into treatment options. After my colonoscopy, official diagnosis, and that lovely talk with my doctor about no cure, diet doesn't matter, drug and surgery options, chances of cancer, and the fact that my life was over as I knew it. Wow I was jumping for joy...I love life... ya I'm being sarcastic. I went home searched the net like a mad man and most the information only confirmed my lovely conversation with my doctor. This was until "I" decided to change my search term to I cured my Crohn s disease or Colitis and this is where my healing journey began. I went on a crazy mission to call anyone with an IBD who was med free for at least 1 year etc. Through doing this I was able to find things and create an awesome healing strategy (IBD Improvement doc) that gave me back my life. Then I started this site to pay it forward and help other people to avoid surgery and see natural healing therapies that may give them their life back.
I thought I would do a little post on the signs of crohns disease and my story of getting diagnosed with server crohns colitis. I remember knowing that I had something wrong with my gut for so long but I did not ultimately want to face the truth "something was wrong with me". When my gut problems first started they were minor in nature such as some unformed bowel movements (greasy foods & dairy), stomach pains,
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