Alternative Healing explained in jays goofy metaphor called the SCAB effect
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Alternative Healing bottom line natural healing

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 with care for a solid 7 days without putting it in danger, babying it etc you would see that it would heal very quickly and efficiently. This is exactly how I look at natural healing. In regards and IBD like crohn s disease or ulcerative colitis many of use diets like Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD DIET) or GAPS DIET etc as many people have seen great results from these diets. If we do these protocols & diets and we try to really give them time to work without adding garbage foods, alcohol etc because we are craving them this would allow our body more time to actually work on healing. When I was on the SCD Diet I remember how many times I was on the diet and I would over indulge in certain foods that would lead to a bout of diarrhea or perhaps a flare etc sometimes it would take me back like 3-4 steps in my own healing and I would have to start again. If we really want to heal we need to give our bodies sufficient time when we are feeling good to remain that way for a good period of time as this is when the true healing is happening. So when you doing a protocol and your feeling better don't start thinking itís okay to start eating garbage..give it time...In the beginning I would say 3-4 months of feeling good. This approach will be worth its weight in GOLD!
I look at natural healing at something that I call the "scab effect" wtf your thinking lol well think about when we were young and we would hurt ourselves and the scab formed..Do you remember when many of us use to pick our scabs off ? or maybe I'm the only odd ball out here. I definitely know that I did and sometimes I would do it many times over prolonging the cut from healing up. But if I was to treat the cut
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