What is a Fistula? My experience in having an anal fistula and it healing along the way.
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Define Fistula & Fistula repair

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I got a severe fistula during my first massive flare up shortly after being diagnosed. This was an anal fistula right besides my bum hole, which literally drained 1/4 cup of fluid a day for the first week or so. But I had just begun doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet so the amount of fluid reduced drastically in the following weeks. We must give our bodies some credit because they are truly miraculous. Because there is so much inflammation present our bodies create dump off valves (fistulas) to get rid of this excess inflammation. As we heal the underlying causes of our disease through carbohydrate reduction etc we will watch our fistulas heal up with only a slight scaring. When you take away the reason for a fistula to exist it will go away. This is not rocket science our bodies have reasons for the things it creates. So it's crucial to address the underlying causes and implement relevant healing protocols to overcome these issues.
A fistula is an unnatural connection between two structures in the body. The connection may be between tissues, organs or even blood vessels.
I'm not going to go into the black and white definition of a fistual but if you would like to review this check the wikipedia link at the bottom of this page. Anal fistulas or fistulae are the most common with people who suffer from crohn s disease.

Anal Fistula -Wiki reference

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