I talk with many people on the phone who tell me they are trying a specific protocol for their Crohn s disease or Ulcerative Colitis but are lacking results and wondering why? When I go over what they are doing I see they may be trying 2-4 protocols at the same time and expecting results. When they do not see instant results or within a few weeks they want to give up and try something new. But they are not seeing that doing too many things at once could be the very essence of them remaining stagnant in their healing. We must ask ourselves if we are doing the protocol correctly and if not tweak our approach so that we can see results. I'm cool with experimenting but if you’re trying a protocol that has worked for many people make sure you are doing it correctly. I think we are used to the current allopathic system that whenever something is wrong whether a headache or flare up we want to take drugs that kick in right away. But when we look at natural healing we must realize it is not always quick healing and that it takes time. Natural healing works on solving the underlying issues not the mere symptoms of a disease or issue etc. Please remember this, tweak accordingly, and stay the course.
Quick Healing stop Rushing your healing as it only sets you further back
Over the course of my healing journey I realized that I was one of my worst enemies. Over the past few years it was me, my irrational thoughts attitudes etc that got in my way. But my biggest healing barricade was that I kept rushing my healing expecting to see results quickly and if I didn't I wanted to quit the protocol. I also speak with so many people and they also try to do too many protocols at one time that they lack the results they are looking for.
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