When listening to Rick tell me about how he grew the stuff to make the product for free using his own funds including his retirement savings it did not make rational sense that he was lying. I went to his site while I was talking to him to see that he emailed the prime minister of canada, cancer society of canada to have them responsd saying they dont endorse any sepcific cures whose mission is the eradication of cancer yet they would not even investigate his claims. He was even taken to court over the thc hemp oil issues and he was only given a simple posession charge as he gave the stuff away for free to help people. You will see in this video that some army vets came forward with their miraculous results and even published them in the legion newsletter......when this happened the government acted fast by closing the legion permanently....forbidden cures are not suppose to get out. I personally know Rick Simpson and what he says is this real deal. I have personally taken this magical stuff for 1 year while I was healing and it took me further than anything to date. You can read about my experience in the IBD Vault and in my IBD improvement document which you can have for free on the main page
Run from the Cure the Rick Simpson story and how THC oil changed his life and many others
Run From The Cure is an awesome documentary that literally helped change my life. After watching this I contacted Rick Simpson from phoenixtears and we spoke for 3 hrs discussing how this stuff has helped so many people. He told me how THC OIL has helped many people cure or overcome their cancer since he's been advocating it the last few years. I will admit initially I did not fully believe all these claims..I was pure skeptic!
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Run from the Cure & Phoenixtears

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