Instead of taking this stuff every few hours I switches to taking it once a day at 30-40 min before bedtime (1 drop size of a 1/2 grain of rice. This way when the effect kicks in I'm in my bed sleeping and aslong as I slept 7-8 hours I was good to go in the morning. Sometimes I felt some brain fog if I took too much or only slept 6 hrs as 7.5-8 is ultimately best. . I could feel crazy changes going on in my body they felt weird but not bad by any means. This oil makes your body sleep so that you can rest and I think it makes your body return to state of homeostasis. Initially I binged a little too much as it allowed me to eat things I could not before like french fries, sugar etc but this bit me in the butt because I started to binge again and started to feel crappy. This again showed me how addicted I could get to carbs if I did not control myself. I believe this stuff is amazing and I know it helped me personally and it has helped other people I have spoken with. I urge anyone to watch the documentary diligently and make your own mind up. I used this stuff along with all the other things mentioned in my IBD imrovement document.
My experience with Rick Simpson's THC OIL (hemp oil) Run from the Cure
after watching the video about THC OIL on and speaking with Rick Simpson personally I decided I would try this oil for myself I was able to track some of this oil down. I did 4-5 tubes in 1 yr and WOW!!! Initially when I started taking the stuff it made me super tired and high as a kite which I am not really a fan of being baked as I got a crazy body high and was unable to function. So I changed the dosage.
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