When I think about this: I remember being in the hospital lovely colitis attack (flare), going to the bathroom 25-30 time a day, being embarrassed in social situations, feeling ugly and insecure, having anxiety attacks, waking up with night sweats, rashes on my body, terrible joint pains, sexually insufficient (you know what I'm talking about) this is a sensitive area for everyone but it's real, and finally feeling like we would be happier if our life was over.. at least I did. Remember this makes me feel like complete crap! But here’s how you can turn it around and use it as a tool. Every time you are tempted to eat garbage food or primarily over indulging on things (sugar & complex carbs) ask yourself: what do I remember about this disease when it was bad? Will consuming this help me healing or remain healthy? Do I want to be back where I was before? If I get sick again how will it affect my loved ones? And finally is eating this or doing this really worth it?? These questions may seem stupid but eventually they will trigger mental responses that say NO WAY........the possible consequences outweigh the benefits. I choose my health and an awesome life! This mindset will help you get there.
Pain is and can be a powerful teacher!
I know anyone reading this is wondering how colitis pain or any IBD pain can be a powerful teacher? It is a bold statement and it's valid to think WTF...but try and hear me out. When you start an alternative treatment and you want to stay the course by not eating crazy amounts of garbage SAD diet etc then this does really work. I want you to think about all the pain and stress you have endured with having and IBD?
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Colitis Pain & Colitis Attack

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