your IBD you name it..this is complete BS We do not need more sites to program us into thinking they are working on a "so called cure" and we just have to wait.Its been like 80 years since the disease was discovered (see wiki reference) and they still have nothing...........head in their butts with nothing to show besides more drugs and operations. So when do we actually say WE'VE had enough of your failed attempts and lack of results? Well I'm tired of this Garbage and I'm sure most of you are as well. Lets get better and pay it forward to show the masses that we are beating this "shitty" disease. I had to post about this since it was such a great example to show everyone with awesome proof to back it up. I hope you guys enjoy the post and MAKE sure to COMMENT so others can read what your thoughts are etc. Our comments and feedback will show people the truth about what we feel about these diseases truly being incurable..or how fed up we are of the medical establishment bringing us no results that actually work for extended periods of time. Spreading awarness of any disease ultimately get us nowhere just spread awarness of pharma treatment options.......look and you will see.
Crohn's & Colitis Forums WATCH OUT! - Ethical Issues in Healthcare
Ethical issue example of how BIG PHARMA works at peddling their drugs on the downlow using websites, forums that look like they are their to support us..but are they really? These websites-forums do not show alternative protocols, or methods to overcome the disease but rather teaching us to ACCEPT the incurable label how to live with Crohns Disease ,meet people with Crohns, Talking to your spouse about
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