stomach to these things. About a year later I also seen additional symptoms such as: increased gas that was quite smelly when I ate milk, I started to feel tired, wake up at night sweating, some mucus in my stool from time to time. A year or so after this I got more symptoms: lower right area of stomach painful when drinking milk (protein shakes), mucus and blood became regular, stools were mushy and unformed lots of night sweats, skin rashes developed with little blisters, joint pain-knees were bad and lower back pain, lots of gurgling, yellow eyes, and a lovely fistula developed. I finally manned up a realized I had an issue and it was time to get officially diagnosed. I honestly deep down inside thought if I forgot about it or didn't mention it that it would go away..IDIOT MOVE! Donít be like me implement a healing strategy a lot sooner. It took a massive flare after my 1st colonoscopy to get my "shit" together lol. Today I'm sitting here med free trying to help other learn from my mistakes. You can see my symptoms progressed through the spectrum and when I healed they seemed to go in reverse. I know this is strange concept but many people I have spoken with share this opinion as well
IBD Spectrum..Gut disease, IBD disease,
I look at IBD on a spectrum starting with IBS-UC-CD. Is this fact no! But it's my opinion through observation & feedback through the people I have spoke with being sick then getting to med free. I remember when my problems first started they were simply some gas, sensitivity to dairy, and some foods like too much deep fried would send me to the can. This went on for a few years and I thought I had IBS or a sensitive
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