infections, immuno suppression. 6MP for crohn s: ulcers skin rash, fever, tiredness, mouth ulcers, & yellow eyes. Flagyl for ulcerative colitis: abdominal pain, dizziness, diarrhea, & skin rashes. Sulphasaline: gas, rashes, nausea, stomach discomfort & vomitting. These are only the more common IBD drugs used for crohn s treatment & ulcerative colitis treatment and you can see how many of the side effects imitate IBD symptoms themselves. This really does make me question the effectiveness of our medical system as it seems like they are just trying to cash by using drugs made for one disease etc then marketing them to others. Makes you wonder when you go to the doctors telling him your symptoms and he says it your IBD acting up. BUT why would he never question the side effects to the drugs. This also should make you realize when you try a alternative treatment that you do not write it off to soon because it may be your meds side effects not the inefficiency of the protocol. This is especially important for people that are trying protocols that have worked for many but aren't working for between the lines.
IBD drugs cause IBD symptoms way! Can IBD medications can get in the way of healing?
Do your IBD meds cause IBD Symptoms? The answer is unfortunately yes. I'll review some of the common IBD drugs and you be the judge. Imuran: diarrhea, nausea, fungal, bacterial infections, muscle pain, immuno supression. Asacol: dhiarrea, joint pain, abdominal pains, blood in stool, & anemia. CIPRO: gastro bleeding, diarrhea, dizziness. Prednisone: stomach pains, & bloating. Remicade: fungal
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