I seen the correlations that were presenting themselves and I simply started to play connect the dots as a grown adult. I will describe them to you at least the way I see them. WEED because we know to some certainty that people with IBDs suffer from a bacterial imbalance where the bad bacteria are dominating the GI tract. A primary focus should be to kill this bad bacteria using diets like SCD, GAPS with weapons like Colloidal Silver & Oil of Oregano. FEED: it's important to repopulate the good bacteria though things like quality probiotics, colostrom, and scd legal yogurt. RESEED: this concept is quite easy! Continue to reseed your gut with beneficial bacteria through the things mentioned in Feed section and also try things like probiotic retention enema, new probiotic strains, fermented cabbage, and other fermented products. Regardless if you like my info or what I'm about I sincerely urge anyone who has an IBD to try an incorporate these principles into your healing protocol as I'm confident they will add to your success. You can also find the probiotics, colostrum I mentioned in Jays supplement section on this site.
WEED FEED & RE-SEED for IBD Treatments, Crohn s disease treatment, Colitis treatment
Out of all the people I have spoken with who are med free using various alternative crohns disease treatment & colitis treatment these 3 concepts appear to be the fundamentals to become MED FREE. When I was looking for a cure I contacted everyone that would talk to me and I took a big pc of paper to document what they did to become and stay med free. As I stared at this paper I began to notice some consistencies.
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Crohn s disease treatment & Ulcerative Colitis treatment

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