I look at genetics being like a light switch. There is always electricity behind the switch but your decision to turn the light on is what activates the electricity and turns the bulb on. Applying this metaphor to IBD's a genetic component may be oresent BUT that alone does not dictate if you get an IBD or not. Instead if a person has a genetic succeptability and they provide the right conditions such as poor diet SAD Diet, high refined carbs, stress, antibiotics etc you are quite lilkely to develop an IBD. Does this apply to everyone...NO but a good majority. I speak with lots of people and this observation seems extremely consistant. Also many of the people who do not have a known genetic component share with me they did have a poor diet, took antibiotics etc So I'm quite confident there is a correlation here. Crohn's disease may be hereditary in your family but this doe not mean you are going to get stuck with it. Do not let a genetic componenet to any degenerative disease make you think your stuck because usually this is far from the truth.
Crohn s disease genetic, are IBD's like Crohns & Colitis caused by Genetics?
is Crohn s disease genetic & other IBDs genetic? This is a popular statement I hear from many health professionals. I'm not positive on the answer but here's my opinion. I believe there is a genetic component to IBD's and other degenerative diseases. My grandmother has Colitis and her sister has Crohn disease. Does this mean I was doomed from the beginning...? I think not.
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crohn's disease hereditary

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