I remember all the things I tried along the way. I still have a collection of books, health products that were suppose to be magic cures for crohn's and ulcerative colitis...now they just waste space in my house. But this stuff did lead me to finding the things that did work. I started this site to help others save time and resources. If you ever think u tried everything ask urself logically and rationally is this the truth? I hear this comment all the time and as soon as I start going down the list people say no I never tried that or I didn't do the protocol like that...then they can see that their statement isn't true. Simply put you can only do better if you know better.This is why it's great to speak with med free people and see what exactly they did to get there. If something is not working reread the info and see if you did things right. We're human we make mistakes! There isn't always a easy solution. but if you you are rational in your approach and keep at it you will eventually get there. Tom Edison (inventor of the light bulb) tried 5000-10,000 prototypes before he was sucessful. Honestly ask yourself have you tried 5000 different IBD treatments? Get my drift?
Tried Everything to overcome your IBD?
Do you feel like you have tried everything to overcome your IBD crohn's and Colitis? If your like most people you have probably felt like this before, I've been there. But when you think logically you haven't or you would prob be med free. It's almost like when someone says why is the remote in the last place I checked? DuH! why would you keep looking otherwise? Technically the 1st place is the last place.
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