I'm 28 year old adrenaline Junkie from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I love taking risks. I like doing anything that scares the crap out of me (no not literally). I try to travel to the Caribbean at least once or twice a year as I love the ocean more than anything. I hope one day I hope to have a house by the ocean as the water makes me happy. I have come from a very poor family and have worked my butt off for everything that I have accomplished until now.
I also knew from a young age that I wanted to be an entrepreneur as I was never good at listening to people or maybe I was too much of a critical thinker. I took business in school worked in an office for a few years as an analyst until I decided I needed a change from the routine desk job so I quit my comfortable job and started my own business. I hope to eventually make helping people with their health issues as this is my real passion. For the time being I am learning a lot every day and am enjoying the ride while it lasts so we will see where life takes me.
Crohns disease has made me realize how much I love life. I have learned how to live every day with an attitude of gratitude -meaning I concentrate on the good things in my life rather that the bad things. I have realized when you want something in life you have to grab it by the balls and pursue it. I urge anyone reading this that I was once where, you are and I thought it may never be possible for me to live a normal life but I was WRONG. If you take anything from my website let it be "HOPE" as that 4 letter word holds more power and impact than I can put into words.
"The only risk in life is not taking the risk, and time is luck" Crohns Boy
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