Starts with a Dream
-The Author has passed away so the material can't be expanded or improve further
-Many SCD sites forums etc are not open to alternative methods and they control content and communication channels
-SCD is simply put a diet which starves out the bad bugs but there is nothing in the context of the book which allows you to take something that actually KILLS these bad bugs (pathogens,yeast, etc) Products like Colloidal Silver, and Oil of Oregano can drastically improve your chances with SCD
-Some people end up over induldging in legal foods which ultimately are not that healthy ie Peanut Butter, Almond flour products.
-Can create fear as you may be scared to try another food again
God Bless Elaine Gottschall for writing this book but please remember everyone this book is not the bible or the 10 commandments. It is a building block which will help you on your way to regaining your health. You will have to make many lifestyle changes and do lots of research to take your health back. I am an outspoken advocate of SCD DIET but I am completely objective and honest when I admit that it does have its flaws. Ultimately I think if done right with some other things can be very efficient to taking your life back. I would strongly recommend that any person with IBD give the diet a fair shot and there is a very good chance you will regain your health.
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