Does SCD work for everyone?
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The truth of the matter is that SCD does not work for every single person that trys it. But most people that do it correctly notice signifigant improvements in their condition while on it. It has been said that it can work for 80% of people who try it, I can't verify that figure as it is impossible to know who actually followed the diet 100% etc. If you are looking for facts Dr Wolfgang Lutz indicates in his book Life without Bread has documented a controlled study in which 67 crohn's disease patients followed a low carb diet. After 1.5 years 80% were symptom free, 70% were symptom free after 6 months.That is a pretty kick ass number!!! Which means you have atleast an 80% chance of regaining your health.

 Since IBD's are not single dimensional disease different foods may be tolerated by one and not another so therefore a different approach would also have to be taken. This is one reason SCD lacks medical backing because every person is different so a different approach must be taken. Also if studies were done you would have to monitor each subject every hour every day as the uttmost adhearance is required in order to see great results. At first I was dwelling on lack of medical evidence but overlook this as you will find most of the things that can heal you have no clinical proof. Believe me I have tried things which are not so called FDA approved and they changed my life. Just look for other people who have tried the treatment at hand and then make the decision based on that and make sure to follow your gut feeling.

Most people do not do the diet correctly and give up far too quickly if they do not see immediate results. I speak from experience when I say that I screwed up constantly on this diet right until my 7th month in yet I still stuck with it and am so glad I did. This diet is a lot of problem solving which will frustrate you greatly at times but if you do your research, listen to your body, etc you will get your health back one way or another.
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