My take on Cure and Remission continued

Most people who have healed themselves on SCD or other means donít usually stay on List Servs, Forums etc as they go back to LIVING their lives with greater appreciation for them. Out of the people who do heal themselves very few will publish websites, spreading the word, or staying a part of list servs,forums trying to help people daily. Look at Gay for example she spends countless hours every day trying to help everyone on our List Serv, most people arenít willing or are too busy to even give a fraction of that time towards the cause. I remember when I first searched for cures for crohn's disease, colitis cure etc using Google, SCD DIET and other natural methods were like on page 10-20 of the search results page. Most people donít even look past the 1st 3 pages of search engine results.
I believe that if you tell a person long enough they can't do it or it is not possible they will grow to believe this. Your subconscious plays a huge role in your recovery or succeeding in life in general. When I first got diagnosed with crohn's disease I wanted to roll up and die because all the info that I came upon told me all the bad stuff and on top of that told me it was not they were pretty much telling me GAME OVER!!! Itís not worth it to try.....But I took a WAY different approach which had many bumps along the way but I changed my state of mind and optimized my diet and became virtually symptom and med free. I know it's just a coincidence....
I urge everyone who reads this to realize there is hope and to try changing your way of thinking as it will get you further than you can imagine. Take time to challenge the system and ask yourself how would they benefit if there was a cure to any disease?? Even your doctors, do they benefit if you no longer need their services? Learn to think and act outside of the box which you are in. Once you really realize and start seeing the truth so many things will make sense to you.
and when you get your health back learn to cherish life for what it is, slow down to enjoy a moment, speak your mind, enjoy the people who you love, pursue the things you want in life. You have only 1 chance at this game of life and don't exit this world with regrets.

My take CURE/Remission
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