My take CURE/Remission

My take on cure and remission for Crohn's disease & Colitis

I love reading when people say there is no way to cure crohn's disease simply remission?? It's even funnier when people state "they" say there is no cure.. who are they really?? FDA or whom? So I guess if they came out with a written statement saying there was a cure then it would now exist because "they" said so.......THEY have trained us well
You look at people who have been in so called remission from crohns/colitis etc since they started the diet for like 15-20 yrs (current) and that is still considered remission...people I really hope you can actually think outside the box and realize everything is not always like it appears.
Crohns disease & Colitis patients alone contribute 2 BILLION annually! in pharmaceutical drugs!!! That's pretty crazy!! Do you really think a company with this kind of revenues is going to let a cure get marketed?? Especially one that is FREE!!! just requires a change of lifestyle......I dont think so. Is their goal to sell less drugs??? No, instead they are going continue to sell medication and drugs which are very profitable this my friends will not change

Since I have been on the SCD diet I have spoke with so many people in the world who have cured their symptoms from crohn's disease or colitis (to say that correctly. Whether that be multiple people who have done or are on this diet currently, or people like Dr David Klein, or Jini Patel who have regained and maintained their health through various methods not just SCD diet. Through speaking these people I have understood they all believed there was a crohn's cure or colitis cure. You try telling a person who has been healthy for 15-20 years that they are in remission do you think they really care what you or anyone thinks?? No as they know in their hearts that they are healthy and nobody is going to rain on their parade.
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My take CURE/Remission
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