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I have spoke to Alan an he is an awesome ethical dude who I greatly respect. When I was first attempted to contact him he was very hesitant to speak with me because he thought I was trying to offer him a sales pitch to create a business from his knowledge etc. We eventually spoke on the phone and we was a super nice guy who wants his info to be free, is all about the truth, and is willing to personally help anyone who wants or needs it. His protocol is the simplest and most educated approach I have seen to date. Alan was a high school Physics/Chemistry teacher and has a wealth of useful information. He has outlined his information quite simplyand it will provide you with sufficient instructions to help you overcome your IBD. His information is definitely worth your time and his character only reinforces the validity of this protocol.
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Colloidal Silver
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as per Alans site -Driven to distraction, and curious that diet was not even mentioned in the course of years of my unsatisfactory treatment (except to do nothing special regarding my diet!), I began to research my medical predicament on my own. I was immediately shocked to discover that there is a whole other nutritional community out there that had much better information on my predicament than I had! Why, it was common knowledge to every holistic MD, every herbalist, and even every giggling high school girl clerking the local health food store that Prednisone and sulphasalazine were, assuredly, bad for the gut in the short and long term.
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