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Life Without Bread is mostly based on the clinical experience of Dr. Lutz, an Austrian medical doctor who has successfully used low-carb diets for decades on thousands of patients. The results of Lutz' clinical successes have been published in several European medical journals (mostly in German) and he even authored a German version of LWB as far back as 1967 to good response. His work, however, was ignored in the United States. While the USDA was hawking the Food Pyramid with its 6-12 servings of grain products a day on the American public (and most of the Western world following this lead), Dr. Lutz and a handful of brave iconoclasts were preaching the virtues of high protein and fat/low-carb diets for healthy living. After many years, Lutz succeeded in securing an American publisher and the results of his experience and research are now available to all English-speaking people.
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One of the crazy things about this book is that Dr Wolfgang Lutz documented a controlled study in which 67crohn's patients followed a low carb diet. After 1.5 years 80% were symptom free, 70% were symptom free after 6 months. The concept is very similar do not leave unidigested food which can feed the bad bacteria similar concept to SCD but not as restricted. It's definitely worth a read as it will help you understand more about your condition. I calculated my bread units using the chart and I was way over, I dropped it the next day and my gas was reduced by atleast 80%. There is so much truth to his concepts. Carb reduction is a key component in almost every protocol which helps people overcome their IBD's. You think the doctors would get the memo of these great results lmao........ooops
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download BU chart from the book this alone may make a huge difference in your life.
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