*Fecal transplants cure colitis* ?
Dr Borody-Fecal Transplants with Ulcerative colitis & crohn's disease
A fecal transplant is the method in which they use antibiotics to kill existing bacteria in your stomach then the repopulate your stomachs bacteria through an enema with fecal solution of a healthy family member. Dr Borody from Australia is the pioneer of this treatment. His sucess rate for colitis patients in particular are nothing less than amazing.
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This protocol makes complete sense to me but I have not been able to contact anyone personally who has used this protocol to overcome there IBD. His office/clinic are located in Australia and listening to his videos and reading his information on the net the best results with this protocol are with Ulcerative Colitis patients. Contact his office for more info but make sure to ask for results and ask for people that had great results using this approach-all I'm saying is be diligent :)
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Watch this Dr Borody Interview very informative and worth a look if you really want to get ALL the info on this subject coming right from the Dude himself.
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*You can VIEW the actual Fecal protocol here also get their contact info to contact them if required**
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