I created this document after overcoming my severe Crohn's Colitis and it contains all the things I have done to overcome this disease. This document will show you all the things I have done to overcome this disease and I believe passionately that it can help you as well. The cure is not as simple as taking a pill as it requires some lifestyle changes BUT when you overcome your disease you will see how grateful you become for your life and the great things in it.
Starts with a Dream
*Other IBD Treatments* that have worked
My take CURE/Remission
Suggested Reading
Healthy Mind
Do THEY want us to get better?
Colloidal Silver
Please WATCH this video to see my new approach and why I decided stop charging for this document.
 If you want this FREE document send me an email using the email address in the picture below and put "IBD DOC request" in subject line. I will send you a response email that will include: IBD Improv Doc-new 2011 version along with my Healing Time line spreadsheet etc-no strings attached :)
**Important**WATCH another video where I show you how to use this document to get the best results
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