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Tim suffered from crohn's disease for most of his life until he experimented with various things and was able to cure or should I say heal himself of his crohn's disease. He is now healthy and eats a healthy diet which is not restricted. His information is definitely worth checking out.
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I have spoke with TIm on the phone multiple times and his story is pretty crazy. He is a sincere dude who is just sharing what he did to take back his health. The funny things is that he has put various posts on multiple websites and barely anyone has responded to him. When I think about this it makes me laugh we just continue to rely on the medical community to find this "so called cure" well everyone they have not come any closer in 50 years and millions of dollars in so called research so you will be in for a long wait. If you search out the people who have overcome IBD's you will see that they have all taken their health into their own hands!! they did not wait for someone to make them better or sit around waiting for a cure. Make sure to keep this in mind and live by their principles.
I have tried many of the things that TIm did during his healing process including taking Colloidal Silver (natural anti-biotic) I bought a machine and make my own, stopped consuming any milk products, walking, taking fish oil, and pro-biotics. I still do all of this at the present and recommend that you may want to consider his approach aswell. I incorporated these things with SCD, The Colloidal Silver is one of the BEST things I have tried to date it seems to be very effective at killing the bag bugs (pathogens etc) I have used much of this information in my IBD Improv doc
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