Listen to your Gut - Jini Patel Thompson
Jini Patel has regained her health and healed from Crohn's disease through some principles of SCD and other pricinples which she has determined on her own research and trial and error. This woman knows her stuff and her website and support system are both just awesome. I recommend you read her book and make your own decision from there. I have spoken with this woman on the phone directly and Jini Patel you are just AWESOME!!!!
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I have spoke with Jini Patel over the phone, and through email on multiple occasions and she is really straight up AWESOME. I have read both of her books and tried some of her protocols and I have noticed a really good improvements. I have tried her Oil of Oregano Protcol, Natren Pro-biotics, and Georges Always Active Aloe vera. I think Jini's protocols and books are BY FAR the best all around treatment options as they don't just go over diet but offer a wide variety of options and methods to mange your IBD. Her website is awesome and offers a wealth of useful information and a forum where you can ask questions etc. I would highly recommend that you check her site out and consider reading her books.
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Read some great articles she has written on topics such as Oil of Oregano,  IBD and probiotics, a Cure?
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I believe Jini addresses some key issues to overcoming an IBD such as probiotics, mind gut connection, PRE enema, oil of oregano for infectious aspect etc.She also has a great forum where people can ask questions etc. I do find her information to be awesome and informative but I will be honest that her protocols can be quite expensive especially shakes, probiotics, consultatoions etc. I know Jini and her assistant are med free and I look forward to hearing from others who have used her protocols to be med free.
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