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Gerson Therapy
The most intensive protocol for almost any disease cancer, diabetes, IBD's. Created by Dr Max Gerson
This is probably the most efficient way to overcome many degenerative diseases and other health issues. I have read Max Gerson's "A Cancer Therapy" book and advise anyone to check it or others out. You will see how this dude showed the world 50+ cases of clinical cancer cures over 60 years ago......who would have thought cures like this would be supressed? Charlotte Gerson has taken over her fathers work and has set up the Gerson Clinic in Mexico that helps many people overcome diseases. Can you imagine how many people could overcome diseases if their first approach was a natural one? Instead the natural protocols usally get victims who have been raped and batter from the medical system. The great thing is that natural protcols still offer these people great relief the allopathic system could not offer. I use to blame doctors but when you realize that in some states the doctors are only allowed to treat cancer and other diseases with surgery and drugs or they will be prosecuted. Do not take my word for it be dilligent and do your own research :) See the links below for more info.
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The Gerson Therapy for IBD's and many other diseases

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