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IBD's are not 1 dimensional diseases so there is not a 1 pill that cures all sort of approach to heal your condition. I do believe that there are protocols out there of people who have overcome crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. I have searched 100s of hours and found many bogus claims and products that have said to heal IBD's etc but the things I have listed in this section are methods that I believe in my heart to work. I have spoke with many of these people personally and even incorporated some of their protocols in my own healing path and they have made substancial differences. I encourage you to continually search Google for other people that have overcome their diseases and research each method further. The truth of the matter is you really have nothing to loose and absolutely everything to GAIN. If there is something I should research further drop me an email and I will take a look
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*Other Crohn's disease treatments*
Crohn's disease cure
Click on the Key below for more information on these protocols and do your own research to see what might work best for you. I believe in health modelling so I can only offer advice on what I have done so if you have questions about these individual protocols you will have to seek them out.
I try my best to research each protocol and speak with people that have used these protocols to achieve healing, remission etc you choose the terminology. I do not push any agenda but if I feel a protocol is BS or person is only about cash then I prefer not to put these approaches up. I remember how I felt when everyone and their dog was trying to sell me their "MAGIC CURE" but sorry to ruin the party it DOESN'T EXIST! The CURE is a lifestyle change. Almost all the disease in existance are lifestyle diseases that did not affect people 100 years ago and still do not affect people in 3rd world countries who do not have our so called luxuries of excessive complex carbs, pharma products, technology, you name it........Eventually the answer is obvious!!! You are what you eat! Food Does, Has, and ALWAYS will matter.

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