Suggested Reading -crohn's disease & Ulcerative Colitis

I think one of my main reasons that I am healthy from crohn's disease today is that I took my health into my own hands. I researched and read as much as I possibly could about crohn's and colitis and throughout that journey I read a lot of BS! and stuff that was awesome and changed my life. I highly recommend you get these books from the library or go out and buy them, I do not care as long as you read them. Knowledge is only "potential power" it's what you do with that knowledge that is POWER. I personally think your health is worth a little bit of reading, don't you??
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**Click on the book of your choice and it will take you to a site where you can get more info about what the book is about**
Suggested Reading
Starts with a Dream
*Other IBD Treatments* that have worked
My take CURE/Remission
Healthy Mind
Do THEY want us to get better?
Colloidal Silver
IBD improvement document
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