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Some people give back through spreading the word around their city, or publishing a website, starting a blog, posting YouTube videos. This is still contributing and I am grateful for you taking the extra steps. It can be so hard to give back to our cause when our lifes are just too busy and complex, this is why donating to this site is an easy way to help spread the word so we can reach more people.
Any questions about donating or if you would like to have a button on your site or the link which you can email to anyone to support the cause please email me Jay at info@crohnsboy.com
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I'm being straight up here this cash is not going into my pocket to buy materialistic garbage. It's going to maintaining the site, purchasing health books huge expense, using some online advertising, printing cards, speaking events, and maybe even an IBD healing convention with multiple healed IBD advocates etc. I'm trying to be original with my cause and one way or another I will get the word out there. If you can't afford to donate I completely understand and I would not want anyone who really is having a tough situation to give something which they don't have. Also You do not just have to donate funds if you can provide a link to my site or perhaps tell people about my site put a sticker up in your business or anything which will help the word really get out there on larger levels it would be awesome. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. -Jay aka CrohnsBoy
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I have also recently decided that I'm to make health my career and am looking at taking some course in holistic healing, nutrition, gerson therapy etc. I never want to be the guy selling bogus products or false promises and this is why I'm asking for your help with donations instead of me charging for my information. You must ask yourself how do you expect sites like this to pop up if nobody is helping with the funding since they are not selling anything. I'm working on a new site www.HealthModeling.com and trying to write a book as we speak. I want to show the world that we are overcoming so many diseases and the standard approach just doesn't cut it. I will make spreading the truth my life even if I can't make a good living I will work 2 jobs to get there....Nobody said it was going to be easy. I love HEALTH and will be a shaker in the health game for years to come. I'm always up to ShAkE Things Up :) someones got to do it.

Thanks for your contribution !

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