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Healthy Mind & Attitude

Again, I am not a professional I can just give my opinion. I noticed in the beginning when I first started the diet and I thought there was no cure for crohn's or colitis my results were not there. It was almost as I was telling my brain there was no crohn's cure or colitis cure so there was no point in even trying to fight this thing, I know this may sound like BS to some of you as it did to me aswell but it's the truth. After I started associating myself with people who had beat crohn's disease or people who were doing awesome using their protocols I started to feel that there was a good chance I could be one of those people as well. I noticed when I truly started to believe that I could heal myself of crohn's and my healing seemed to happen so much faster. It's almost like we have the power to sabotage our own recovery through our subconscious- NO SHIT!!!

I also started to read some self help books and other literature which made me change my way of thinking. I adopted a saying I heard from Tony Robbins "live every day with an attitude of gratitude" That one saying changed my life, no lies. It seems like it is so easy to get hung up in the negative things in life and god knows there is no shortage of pessimists in this world especially us IBDers who when are sick are pretty depressing and we know that! I started thinking of something every day I was grateful for and eventually I just concentrated on the good stuff in my life and it made me feel really good about myself and my life in general.
Healthy Mind

When presented with challenges confront them just like a surfer confronts the waves - head on.

Starts with a Dream
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You have to learn to think about the world and your disease differently and I promise you that once you regain your health you will never be happier!
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"It is a well known and well demonstrated Universal Law that whatever you focus on expands. Focus on your abundance, and by the same law, you must get more of it- Vic Johnson
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