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A few years ago I was experiencing stomach pains, urgency, stools that were not formed properly, waking up at night sweating, and some blood in my stool. I put up with this for a few years until finally I went to the doctor and told him that I thought I had crohn's disease and wanted to start getting some tests done. I went for some blood tests and he found some signs that required further investigation. I then had to do the whole colonoscopy thing, barrium test, and MRI overall not very fun lol When the results came in I was diagnosed with Crohn's Coltis and the doctor advised me that I would have to start taking medication. I advised him that I was going to hold off on the medication and try things on my own terms he did not agree but respected my decision.

It's funny I never had my first Crohn's disease flare up until right after my colonscopy and boy was it BRUTAL!!!! I felt like my stomach was going to explode. I was knealed over sitting by the toilet telling god that I am sorry for whatever I have done to deserve this whatever Karma has paid me back. I was on the can like 15-20 times a day with liquid D and blood in my stool, I felt drained and like I was ready to throw in towel. After all the stuff I read on the net about my life being over as this is such a brutal disease I wanted to go into the garage start my car and just kill myself..How stupid was I for thinking this way!! But the sad truth is if your reading this I'm sure you may have been there too.

Since being diagnosed with crohn's disease I read the book called Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and I started doing the diet a little bit but not 100%. I ordered multiple products of the net that were said to heal my crohns disease, at that time I was still looking for the EASY CURE...but really name something that was really worth while that was easy?? It may take you a while
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